About Ms White

Pizza and Beer Garden located in the newly refurbished White Hart Hotel.


Five Favourite Winter Beer Styles

Stout/Porter Stouts and Porters are famed as being the traditional beer of choice in the cooler months of the year. Often viewed as being heavy beers that equate to a meal in a glass, they are commonly shied away from by those new to the beer world. In reality, they are a fantastic introduction to […]

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Ms White’s Beer Time Stories Chapter 2

In the great land of Taranaki, it would be reveled and revealed. The opening of Ms. White would certainly yield, to the power of the mighty hop. But, stop! Not all brews would be overpowered over-the-top by hop! Turning their habit into some kind of funny bunny rabbit, who zig-zags their way through the rest […]

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Ms White’s Beer Time Stories

Once upon a time, on a distant island far away from all others, new life was brought forth, one of druthers. She was a mother to one another, sister & brother. Twas a magical game of Cluedo, played by the powers that be, you see.. Its what brought forth this new life, filled with glee. […]

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